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Transformation ♻️ - Your jeans become a Birkin

What is the base color of your jeans?

    - You have  already blue jeans in your size that you want to transform into Birkin:  whatever the tone  blue (light, medium, dark), and regardless of its condition (we take care of repairs if necessary).

    - in case of  doubt or question, do not hesitate to write us on the chat or on Instagram to check with us that your jeans are a good base

    - Pay  online transformation

    - We will  give an appointment by email or instagram for the collection of jeans

    We inform you when your jeans are ready to organize the delivery

    Count at  maximum 2 weeks between collection of jeans and delivery, while the workshop prepares your tailored jeans 


    The top of the jeans will be your jeans - already well in your size! We will add the panels chosen to measure for your jeans to create a real Birkin model! 

    3 choices of lengths: 30, 32, 34

    Recommendations for the choice of  your length:

    30 - if you are less than 1.66m

    32  - if you are between 1.66m and 1.72m

    34 - if you are more than 1.72m

    Each piece is unique and has asperities specific to its former life: so it could have been  repaired beforehand - with all the care of the workshop to guarantee a high quality and high resistance of the fabric. The piece may show small stains or fading marks, but the flaws deemed unsightly will have been "patched" beforehand (masked by pieces of jeans).

    Material: 100% cotton jeans


    Jane Birkin's placket jeans remastered 2020 version by Elodie Louzaouen,  experienced upcycling designer. Discover his portrait here .

    This jeans is  made from your own jeans, on which we will add yokes in harmony of blues.

    This garment is 100% Remade in France, by a workshop in the Paris region.

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